Captain Planet ~ Myopia (Short Sightedness)

Amare is a 6-year-old boy from a lush jungle village in Africa. Amare lived in a small hut with his mum, dad, and older brother Kwame. Every summer, Kwame would leave the village to attend summer school where he learnt about the environment and how to conserve the rainforest. Amare was now old enough to attend camp with his brother and he could not be more excited.

On the first day of camp Amare met Kwame’s friends Gi, Kwame, Linka, Ma-Ti and Wheeler. Amare learned that Kwame and his friend’s were rather extraordinary. Kwame and each of his friends wore a golden ring which gave them unique powers. Kwame’s power was earth, Wheeler’s was fire, Linka wind, Gi water and Ma-Ti heart. Together they formed the Planeteers. These special friends were summoned from across the globe by Gaia, the spirit and soul of the planet. The Planeteers were brought together by Gaia to save the earth from pollution, criminals and natural disasters.

Gaia gathered her students, ‘Planeteers, I have brought you all here today because the Earth is at risk, the lush rainforests of Africa have been polluted by a nearby battery factory. We need to conduct an important mission to stop this factory dumping rubbish into the forest. To do this, we require someone with superpowers, we need Captain Planet!’

Gaia continued, ‘I would like to welcome Amare to the group. Amare has a very unique power that can only be activated when you combine your powers, now practice what I have taught you planeteers…’

Kwame and his friends put their rings together, ‘Let our powers combine – earth, fire, wind, water, heart… Go planet!!’

Suddenly, Amare transformed from a young boy to a super hero who possessed the powers of all the Planeteers but magnified. Amare could even fly!! He took off immediately to search for the battery factory so the Planeteers could make a plan to stop the polluting. From high in the sky Amare noticed that he could not see the summer camp very clearly, he became nervous and did not feel confident to find the battery factory. Everything appeared very blurry. Amare made his way hesitantly back to the summer camp.

‘What is wrong?’ Gaia asked Amare. ‘I can’t see clearly, I think there is something wrong with my eyes’, Amare responded worriedly.

‘Oh dear, we can’t have our Captain Planet not seeing properly! I will take you to the summer camp eye doctor immediately!’

‘Hello Gaia, hello Amare, my name is Dr Google, now Amare – I hear you’ve been having trouble with your sight, please let me examine your eyes’.

Dr Google looked into and all around Amare’s eyes with all sorts of gadgets, he tested how well Amare could see using a chart on the wall. Amare had great difficulty reading the chart and could only see the largest letters.

‘Amare, you have a problem with your eyes known as myopia – or more commonly short sightedness. With this eye problem you can see things that are close very clearly, but as objects become further away they become blurry.’

‘This is why I couldn’t see the summer camp or the battery factory’, Amare exclaimed.

‘Exactly’, Dr Google continued, ‘but do not worry Amare, short sightedness can be corrected with magic goggles or glasses – here try these on. It is important you wear these because if your vision is not corrected you will not be able to see the distance clearly and you will miss appreciating the beautiful world around us!’

‘Amare placed the goggles over his head… for the first time he looked around the forest and could see the palm leaves sharp and clearly and brightly coloured birds playing in the fronds. The world was much more detailed than he had ever experienced before!’

‘These are fantastic Dr Google! Thank you so much for helping me see better!’

Gaia and Amare returned to the Planeteers who were so pleased to hear that Amare was seeing clearly.

Kwame and his friends joined their rings once more and Amare took off into the sky with his new goggles on a mission to rescue the African forest.

Anna Waldie

For more information about short sightedness:

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Eyesite is a unique internet resource designed especially for children and young people, promoting eye health and giving information about eye conditions and diseases. It contains age-specific patient information for three age groups, plus an animated eye, a virtual children’s eye hospital, games and other fun interactive features.

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The RANZCO Eye Foundation is a not-for-profit eye health organisation. We represent more than 890 Australian and New Zealand medical eye specialists (ophthalmologists) who are passionate about giving future generations the best vision possible.

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