Donkey’s Holiday to Neverland~ Nephrotic Syndrome

Shrek and Fiona were having a lovely relaxing day in the Kingdom of Far Far Away. They had just come back from the swamp spa and were getting ready to meet their best friend Donkey in Ogreville Park.

“Shrek are you ready to go?” asked Fiona.

“Yes, I am all ready” replied Shrek as he put on his coat. Shrek and Fiona left their castle to walk to the park. They hadn’t seen Donkey for a long time as he had gone on holiday to Neverland with the Gingerbread man.

“I am so excited to see Donkey” said Fiona as they walked trough Ogreville.

“So am I, and I hope he brought me a present” chuckled Shrek.

Shrek and Fiona arrived at the restaurant and waited for Donkey. They didn’t have to wait very long before Donkey arrived, but they noticed that he looked different. “Welcome back Donkey! How was your holiday? ” they called.

“Oh Shrek, Fiona, I am so glad to see you!” cried Donkey. “I had a wonderful holiday but I think I am unwell and I need your help”

“Oh Donkey you do look poorly” said Fiona. She noticed that his eyes had become puffy and his legs seemed swollen.

“I think we should go to the magic mirror and see if we can find out what the problem is!” suggested Shrek.

“That’s a great idea” replied Fiona.

Donkey, Fiona and Shrek walked back to the castle and went into the ballroom where the magic mirror hung on the wall.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, we need your help!” Called Fiona

The mirror began to shine. “Good afternoon my friends, how can I help you today?”

“I have noticed that my legs and eyes are swollen and I have been getting ill more often” said Donkey. “Can you help me find out what is wrong?”

“ Hmmmmm is there anything else which is different from normal? ” asked the mirror?

“ When I go to the toilet I notice that less urine comes out and it is very frothy” said Donkey.

Donkey was feeling a little embarrassed but then Shrek said, “Donkey, there is no need to be embarrassed! It is very brave and very important to make sure that you mention all your symptoms so that we can find out exactly what is wrong.” Donkey smiled he was glad he had told someone his symptoms.

Just then the magic mirror mirror flashed and a small bottle landed in front of Donkey.

“Donkey, I will need you to take a urine sample in this bottle so that I can test it” said the Mirror.

Donkey went to the bathroom and then came back with the bottle. A magic stick floated across the room and then dipped into the bottle. It then changed colour.

“What was that? “asked Shrek

“I have carried out a urine sample and it looks like you have proteins in your urine. I think you have Nephrotic Syndrome” Said the Magic Mirror. “But I will take a blood test to check your blood and confirm this”.

There was a flash of light and then Donkey disappeared into the mirror where he was given a blood test. He then appeared back in the ballroom

“Wow that was awesome!! I got to go inside a mirror – its so shiny!!” shrieked the very excited Donkey

“Donkey, imagine your kidneys are like sieves. They keep the big good bits in the blood and it’s the bad bits leave through the sieve and come out when you go to the toilet, ” explained the magic mirror.

“In nephrotic syndrome there are holes in the sieves of the kidney have gotten a bit too big and some of the good bits are also coming out into the toilet. That is why the stick changed colour when I dipped it into the sample you gave me, it found the good proteins. It is also why you have less urine and why your urine is frothy.”

“How did donkey get nephrotic syndrome,” asked Shrek

“There are many reasons but it can be infections or damage which effects the sieve in the kidneys.” Replied the Magic Mirror. “some people have the inherited version of this condition too.”

“So how can we help Donkey?” asked Fiona

“Here are some tablets called steroids,” said the mirror. A box of medication landed in Shrek’s hands. “These will help to repair the leaky kidneys.

“I can also give you these diuretics” Another box appeared in Shrek’s hand. “ these will help you to have more urine when you go to the toilet.”

“How long do I have to take these for?” Asked Donkey

The mirror stopped to think and then said, “take them for 4 weeks and then we can see how you are doing. We may need to give you infusions to put some of the good things that you have lost back into your blood such as a special protein called albumin.”

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, thank you so much for your help.” said Donkey

You are most welcome Donkey” replied the mirror. “Remember to come back after your treatment or if you have any more problems before then.”

“ Shrek, can Donkey stay with us so that we can look after him? “asked Fiona.

“Of course he can, I want the present he got me from holiday first!” Shrek joked.

Gina Solanki

For more information about kids with kidney disease:

Kidney Health Australia

Not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people with kidney disease.

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