Lucid Dreams ~ Nocturnal Enuresis

Far, far away, in a small coastal town, lived a young lad named Toby. Toby lived with his dad in a little beach shack, which was nestled into the sand dunes. Together, they would spend countless hours at the beach surfing and building sand castles.

Toby loved the beach more than anything in the world. Every night, he would fall asleep and dream about the waves rolling into the shore and soldier crabs gathering at low tide.

After a long day, Toby’s dad tucked him into bed.  He dreamt of diving into the ocean and swimming with the magnificent, brightly coloured fish. Suddenly, the ocean became dark and cold and the fish disappeared leaving behind a whirl of stirred up mud. Toby became very scared and was woken from his dream. To his surprise, Toby noticed that his bed felt a lot like swimming in the ocean. His sheets were wet and he was freezing. Toby started to cry and his dad rushed into his room to see what was the trouble.


“Toby, lets get you cleaned up and dress your bed in some fresh sheets, it looks as though you had an accident and wet your bed again”. Toby was embarrassed and he began to sob.

“You mustn’t be too upset son, I had this exact problem when I was your age too, the doctor said that it is common for children to wet the bed and it is out of their control. You are completely normal, and with time you will grow out of this”.

“You have been excellent the past few week, not a single wet night, I say we start a star fish chart to reward you for all the nights your sheets are dry.”

Over the next few weeks, Toby was rewarded with many stars but he continued to wet his bed. Toby’s dad decided to take him to the local doctor.

The doctor reassured Toby that this is a common problem in young children and is very easy to treat. He gave Toby and his father a mattress cover that made a large sound when it became wet.

Toby and his father returned to their beach shack and put the alarm on Toby’s bed. Toby was unsure about being woken to such a loud sound.

“How about we test this cool, new alarm out?! Let’s go down to the beach and collect a bucket of the ocean”.  Toby and his dad poured a small amount of water onto the mattress protector and the alarm sounded! They laughed and quickly found the switch to turn off the alarm.


That night, Toby was woken up by the alarm. He woke from bed, switched off the alarm, and went to the bathroom. Toby replaced the small amount of sheet that was covering the alarm and quickly fell back to sleep in his warm, dry bed.

Over the next few weeks, Toby was woken by the alarm occasionally, but mostly his bed was barely wet. Within months, Toby never wet the bed at all.

“Toby, I am so impressed by how grown up you are, you haven’t had a wet bed in months! I think it is time we get red of the alarm and see how you go”.

Toby and his dad went to the beach that day and celebrated how well Toby had gone. Toby fell asleep that night with dreams of the beach and he never wet the bed again.

Anna Waldie

For more information about nocturnal enuresis:

The Children’s Continence Charity

ERIC is a national charity that supports children with continence problems and
campaigns for better childhood continence care.

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