Harry Potter and the Fractured Bone ~ Colles Fracture

The abandoned forest was quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione, as they walked through towards Hagrid’s hut.

‘It’s getting dark. We should probably put a light on,’ requested Harry, worry on his face after hearing the distressing news about Sirius Black.

‘Lucio’, whispered Hermione, as she waved her wand, and a bright light beamed from the end. ‘We must hurry, Harry, if Snape finds out about this…’

‘I don’t care what he thinks anymore!’ exclaimed Harry. ‘We need to talk to Hagrid. He will know what to do’

A screech was heard in the air. Blackness started to spread all over the sky, and a cold gush of wind swept over the three friends. It was a sign. The dementors were lurking. Hogwarts was no longer safe.

‘Run!’ shrieked Ron, frightened as ever. ‘We must run!’ And with that command, all three friends glanced at each other ready to set off as fast as possible on their feet. Harry led the way, followed closely by Hermione and Ron. The atmosphere was dark, tense and terrifying. The leaves rustled as the trio hurried out of the forest, closer towards Hagrid’s hut. Lightening struck and thunder was heard. Rain began to fall.

‘Quickly Hermione!!’ yelled Harry, as he jumped over a collapsed tree trunk.

‘I’m coming!’ replied Hermione, running as fast as possible to keep up with the boys. Distracted by the sound of the dementors, she didn’t notice the fallen tree and tripped over. Stumbling to the floor, she stretched out her arms for support and fell onto the hard ground. ‘Owwww!’ she screamed, lying flat on top of her hand.

Harry and Ron stopped and hurried back towards Hermione, who was grasping her arm in agony. ‘It hurts… it hurts so much!’ she cried. Thunder was heard again, and the dementors were getting closer. ‘Let’s go!’ she said, and she bravely stood up. ‘We’re close. I can see the hut! Hagrid must be in, the lights are on’. Harry picked up Hermione’s wand from the floor, and upon hearing the shriek of the dementors, all three friends began to run again. As they approached Hagrid’s hut, soaked from the rain, Ron took out his wand and Harry knocked on the door loudly three times.

‘What in the…’ answered Hagrid as he opened the door. ‘Oh phew, it’s you three, come on in quickly now, we can’t be having anyone seeing you here! Especially not you, Harry.’

‘Hagrid, first… Hermione…’ panted Harry.

‘Goodness me Miss Granger, what on earth happened to you?’ said Hagrid, worried as he glanced down at Hermione hugging her arm firmly to her chest for support.

‘I tripped and fell onto my hand and now it’s swollen and my wrist really hurts,’ wailed Hermione. Hagrid took a closer look and using his wand, took an X-ray scan of Hermione’s wrist. After analysing the results, he smiled. ‘Ah Miss Granger, don’t you worry. You have something called a Colles’ fracture of the forearm bone. This is where the distal radius bone in the forearm has a dorsal and radial displacement; the base of the bone appears to be thrown backwards’.

‘Oh, so I’ve essentially fractured my wrist?’ asked Hermione.

‘Yes, that’s right. For it to be diagnosed as a Colles’ fracture it must have three characteristics: transverse fracture of the radius, 2.5cm proximal to the radio-carpal joint, dorsal displacement together with radial tilt. It is sometimes called ‘dinner fork’ deformity due to the shape of the resultant forearm,’ explained Hagrid. ‘It occurs commonly in people who fall over onto a hard surface, like yourself, and is also seen in patients with osteoporosis. It may also be caused by overuse of the wrist joint. On the X-ray, I can see a dorsal tilt and dsiplacement of the joint, radial shortening and angulation of the wrist, loss of ulnar inclination and a comminuted fracture site’.

‘Will it get better, Hagrid?’ asked Ron.

‘Oh yes, Master Weasley. Colles’ fracture is common in all age groups and undisplaced fractures are treated simply with a cast. The wrist must be immobilised in dorsiflexion to allow for a better functional status. However, a fracture with mild angulation and displacement often require a closed reduction operation of the wrist. Luckily, Miss Granger’s deformity is mild and she just needs a forearm splint to temporary immobilise the joint. It could have been much worse. If there was more instability and significant deformity, she would have needed an open reduction and internal fixation surgery to correct the fracture’, clarified Hagrid. ‘In young individuals, especially where a high-energy force has caused the fracture, a more complex intra-articular fracture is present. Miss Granger is very lucky’.

‘Thank God’, sighed Harry. ‘You’ll be better in no time, Hermione!’

Hagrid cast a spell from his wand and a cast appeared around Hermione’s fractured wrist. All three friends stared in amazement, excited at the thought that one day they would also be able to cast such complex spells. ‘There must be an instant spell to fix broken wrists,’ thought Hermione, as she planned to visit the restricted section of the library later tonight.

The dementors continued to screech. Harry knew they’d be safe inside Hagrid’s hut. ‘Stupid dementors,’ muttered Hagrid, ‘wonder what they want with Hogwarts now!’

‘Hagrid’, Harry began. ‘Sit down. It’s going to be a long night. We have some important things to talk about…’

Shrinal Kotecha


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