Fairy Dust – Asthma

It was a beautiful spring day in Montville, the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining. Daisy was asleep in her soft bed when a ray of sunshine peered through the petals of her cozy flowerbed home. She quickly jumped out of bed, stretched out her arms and fluttered her wings. Daisy flew to a close by meadow where she worked with all her fairy friends responding to letters from children.

Daisy wrote letters to adoring children all day with her best friends Iris and Lilly. One day, while the three of them were busy at work, a giant bumblebee flew through disturbing all the paper and dropping pollen. Daisy noticed that her breathing became difficult, she felt short of breath and her chest felt tight. Daisy started to wheeze and panic, her heart started to race. Iris and Lilly grasped Daisy in their arms and flew her to the closest fairy doctor.


“Hi Daisy, my name is Rose and I am your fairy healer, it appears you are having some troubles with your lungs.”

Daisy was worried and becoming increasingly short of breath so Rose quickly gave Daisy some fairy dust to breath in. “Here Daisy, I need to place this mask on your face – you need to breath in some oxygen and some medicine that will make your chest feel better.”

“I have a special wand that can hear inside your chest, breath in and out for me”.

“From the sound of your story and what your lungs tell me, I am afraid you have a fairy problem called asthma. Asthma is common in fairies because, living in flowerbeds, we are exposed to lots of different animals and pollens that can upset our lungs! Lucky for fairies though, when we become sick we have magic to make us better!”

“Asthma is a disease of your lungs. Your lungs are a key part of your respiratory system. The main role of your respiratory system is to extract oxygen from the air you breath in and dispose of wastes gases that are made by your body. This requires your lungs to act as very efficient bellows bringing fresh air in and delivering it to the small parts of your lungs where the oxygen can be taken up.

Asthma is a common inflammatory condition of your airways that leads to cough, wheeze, chest tightness and shortness of breath – just like you experienced today! In asthma, your airways become narrow, this is often reversible with treatment. Your airways also respond to a wide range of stimuli – such as the bumblebee pollen earlier.

“I think it is best that we start you on some magic medicine so if this happens again you will know how to prevent your chest getting so bad. If you ever notice that your chest becomes tight again, or you are wheezing and short of breath, I want you to breath in some of this fairy dust – it is called beta puffer. It is a reliever dust and will help to open your chest and make you feel better.”


“You also need to know that if you start coughing more often, your chest is noisy, or if you have difficulty walking, talking and sleeping, and your beta buffer isn’t working very well it is very important that you see me again. While the magic medicine works very well, we need to make sure you’re taking the correct fairy dust.”

“If you find you are needing your beta puffer more than 3 times per week, I want you to come back and see me and I will give you a slightly different beta puffer which works for longer and can prevent you feeling unwell”.

Before I send you on your way, I am going to write you a letter about what you should be looking out for with your chest and when you should come and see me so you don’t forget anything I have told you!

Daisy, Iris, and Lilly left the fairy doctors feeling so relieved that Daisy was better and she had some magic fairy dust. They celebrated with nectar and frolicked through the sunflower fields.

Over the next few weeks, Daisy felt so much better and giant bumblebees never disturbed her again.

Anna Waldie

For more information about asthma:

National Asthma Council Australia

Australian non-profit body which serves the community by creating awareness and providing information about asthma.

Asthma Australia

Asthma Australia and member Asthma Foundations deliver high quality support to people with asthma and their carers.

Asthma UK

The UK’s leading asthma research charity. The research Asthma UK supports helps us understand the causes of asthma, reduce asthma attacks, find new treatments for severe asthma, turn discoveries in the lab into new treatments and ultimately find a cure.

British Lung Foundation

Leading the fight against lung disease. Research Slide Photo. Research. We fund vital research to save and improve the lives of people with lung disease.

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